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This is our Class Officer archive, where we'll keep you up to date (as best we can) with the campaigns for, arguments around and creations of working class representatives in Britain.

The Class Officer campaign is a very important one to us, my campaign for one at LSE being what brought us together as founders and kick-started Britain Has Class. The structural and cultural barriers placed in front of working class students at LSE led to a desperate cycle of isolation, frustration and under-performance, as it does throughout the country.  Working Class Officers seemed a relatively straightforward way to make things a little easier for working class people through making our voices heard. At LSE there was no acknowledgement of or progress on the problems facing working class students because those problems were either accepted by or alien to those in power.

Working Class kids were under-represented, disorganised and isolated - so why not create a position with the express aim of representing, organising and uniting us?

Figuring that the current strategy of Doing Absolutely Nothing wasn't having the desired effect of class liberation, we started what quickly became one of the biggest movements in LSE's history and one the first referendum at the school in decades, securing the creation of a Social Mobility and Class Officer.

LSE's first ever Social Mobility and Class Officer was only elected a few weeks ago, but seeing the impact of the campaign alone was staggering. Working class issues, despite being felt so deeply by so many people at LSE, were a new concept to a significant amount of the students and staff that we spoke to. Class had never really been considered legitimate enough as a divide to deserve formal representation, and the passion, conviction and emotional depth displayed by working class students at LSE that won the campaign was incredible. Through hearing others' stories and sharing their own over just a few weeks, working class kids at LSE were already more vocal, active and proud. Working class issues were brought to the front of the discussion, and class inequality was finally being taken seriously at a university infamous for elitism. 

At Britain Has Class we hope that the campaign for Officers will do the same for other universities, workplaces and communities, and believe them to be a vital part of driving the conversation forward. Building a network of representatives, giving class issues formal legitimacy and having a real impact on the day-to-day lives of working class people, our Class Officers will be at the forefront of the fight for change. 

To find out more about the campaign or if you want to set up your own Class Officer, drop us an email at

- Chris

Chris Fairley